Thursday, October 23, 2008

Tex Perkins and his Ladyboyz

So now this all looks nice... I stole this tidy little template, which hopefully I will update shortly to truly make my own. This blog is only just finding its feet. 

This post is mainly for anyone who didn't read todays MX. Tex Perkins has a new group of musician friends playing a bunch of bad 80's covers. They're called the Ladyboyz. Some of the band were in Dallas Crane, some were in the Vandas and they all wear matching suits. Watch this for more.

Some of the album is pure gold, some is a little grating, but for your listening pleasure, here is two of my favourites. Myspace Buy the Album

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Quick post because it sounds nice

Download this little application for your computer and everything you type will sound great. Actually the main reason I wrote this message is to hear how fantastic it is... I've got it on Celestia mode, so it sounds like the Skins theme song. 

Oh yeah, went on CD binge yesterday... lots of new awesomeness to blog about in the next few days. Party time. ALSO ENTER THE GOLDEN PLAINS BALLOT! I'M NOT MISSING OUT!

I did that in capitals because it made all the notes sharp. 

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Some serious food porn

Those are some awesome burgers/sandwhiches/heartrapers. I've been staring at them for the good part of this morning, while I was hunting around for some nice tunes to blog about. I'm a bit stuck to be honest... a distinct lack of going out to the disco dances or garage bands last week and last has left me feeling a little uninspired. 

Well to start, my friendos Major Major have their first EP coming out and are doing a tour of the East Coast. Good stuff... It's called Great Leagues, comes out November 1st, and they're playin the Tote on the 8th of Nov to launch it. Go to them...

Tim Sweeney is playing tonight at the Toff. I'm not going. This fact made me sad, but alas, there's no tickets left. Luckily, a show was announced for this Friday night at La Di Da. I will go to that. Smiles all around.  Click here for an Awesome mixtape he did for DFA. Got some Lickadetev, the Juan Maclean, Hercules and Love Affair and Sister Sledge. I enjoy it... that's why it's here. 

Scratch Perverts are no longer playing at Hot Barbecue. Fuck that shit off. Somehow organisers have thought putting Ladyhawk on the bill as a replacement is fair. It's not. It's shit. I want Scratch Perverts. Hopefully they'll be out here another time shortly... 

Lanway festival was announced, and as part of a plea to get people to go with me, I've compiled a best of. It's a really good lineup.

Girl Talk

The Hold Steady

The Drones

Tame Impala

El Guincho


Know what... I'm sick of endings....

Sunday, October 5, 2008


A man can't walk down the street these days without being approached by someone trying to get your money. Which doesn't worry me too much, because I don't have any... so it's easy to escape. The real worry is the vampires who see your healthy rosy cheeks and start licking their lips. 'We want your blood' you hear them say... and no amount of garlic, sunlight or crucifixes can save you. 

What the world needs is some sort of people who kill vampires and are fearless. Lo and behold, there is a group....

The Fearless Vampire Killers (MYSPACE) are some local Melbourne fellas who dress sharp and play old fashioned rock and roll. They have an EP out which I regrettably didn't buy as I didn't see it at thir gig. (INSIDER TRADING ALERT!) They play around town a bit, and if you read this blog and I haven't already asked, come see them play at revolver on Thursday 16th of October. They're playing with Major Major, who are just as good. More about them later. 


Fearless Vampire Killers- Sinner

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Long time...

I went to Parklife on Sunday, and other than Soulwax giving one of the best gigs I have ever seen in my entire life, there were few highlights. One of them being Ajax dropping a song that I've been kind of going a bit bonkers for the past week. This girl is named Lykke Li, she's Sweedish... always a good sign. Her album was produced by Bjorn Yttling (Friend of Peter and John). I think it's great.

That was kind of poppy, so here's something with a little more bollocks. Kind of. Years ago Mercury Rev were kinda big... they had a song called holes which was pretty big and nice and great. They've gone a bit nuts and thought they'd release two albums on the same day. Not only that... but one of them is free. Not only that... but you can download it off their website. Not only that... you have to provide your contact details... fuck that. That's why you should go to to get it... it's a hot blog full of albums to download. New stuff, old stuff.. very good. Probably will only last a week, but it's good for the moment. 

Back to Mercury Rev... The free album is a crazy experimental rock record, which I likey likey. I think.... to be fair I've only heard the first track, but that was pretty pretty pretty good. Download it from this blog if you can't be bothered going the whole hog.

Thats all for the moment... stay tuned for a post where I complain about every festival lineup that has been announced lately. 

Friday, September 19, 2008

Short post for short songs...

Well the songs aren't that short... but it will be a short post.

Gwen Stefani got rockin and changed her name to Marnie Stern. Not a fact... but Marnie Stern does rock. Get the song Transformer here. Comes free with cool middlee middlee guitar. BUY IT!

I've also been listening to Of Montreal. My head asplode. Sgt. Pepper once went out with this band but said 'Noooooooo Nooo Noooo.... not tonight. You guys are too  much... I'm gonna go fix a hole'. 

And lastly, Fleet Foxes. The whole bloggy world has gone nuts about this band, but they're really good... and I haven't felt this way about a song since THIS song. Which has got to be one of the greatest songs of all time. I can't stress that enough. But this song 'He doesn't know why' is pretty good too.